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ChaseHosting DNS Settings for Your Domain

December 19, 2009, Written by 0 comment

Now that development of your new and improved website is underway, you need to point the domain name at our servers to get your web hosting online. This will allow your domain name to point to the new website. You are encouraged to point the domain name as soon as you begin development or purchase our web hosting.

To point your domain name at our servers:

  1. Login to the domain registrar you registered your domain with.
  2. Find the domain and edit its Nameservers (NS).
  3. Change the name servers to Custom with the following servers:
  4. Click save or submit and you should see a confirmation message.
  5. That’s it! Now your domain should begin to resolve to our web servers within the next few hours!*

If you’re looking to register a domain name, check out our domain name registration services.

*(it could take up to 72 hours for domain name changes to fully propagate)

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