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FFmpeg hosting, YouTube Clone Site Hosting

December 24, 2009, Written by 0 comment

For those of you who don’t already know, we support FFmpeg hosting on our servers. That’s right! Within minutes, you can be up and running with your own video sharing website. For an example, check out this skydiving movies website that is hosted with us.

FFmpeg hosting allows anyone to create their very own video sharing website like YouTube and Metacafe.

We specialize in FFmpeg hosting and help make the process easy by packaging and pre-installing the FFmpeg tools you need. These may include:

FFmpeg software for uploading, converting and encoding video files.
Fast web servers which are optimized for video streaming.
Easy installation of video sharing scripts such as Clipshare, PHPMotion, Vshare, Rayzz and OsTube.

We will be posting tutorials on how to install all of the popular video sharing websites over time, if you have any specific requests don’t hesitate to let us know!

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