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Get a Virtual Private System

July 21, 2011, Written by 0 comment

Most webmasters prefer dedicated servers over a shared hosting environment, for obvious reasons. They can dial in the system for exactly what they’re running, get a larger chunk of resources for things to run on, and many other benefits. The price tag of a dedicated server, however, is a bit hefty compared to shared hosting plans. For this reason, we offer VPS plans, which most know as Virtual Private Server plans, or Virtual Private Systems.

All of the benefits of your own dedicated machine, at a fraction of the cost! equivalent VPS machines are usually much more stable and reliably fast than traditional dedicated servers as well, because of the underlying infrastructure. We’ve focused on making our VPS plans the fastest in the industry, and you’ll notice the difference!

Shop our VPS plans today and get a Virtual Server of your own for your next project.


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